KSB has partnered with PODUVALSONS to bring you their top class range of pumps, valves and services. KSB is a market leader around the globe, satisfying customers and offering them their top-class packages, value for money, comprehensive care and regional service centres.

Poduvalsons and KSB supports Water Supply, Building Services, Chemical, Oil, Steam and Power Generation, Sewage & Waste Water services through their range of:

  • Submersible Motor Pumps
  • Horizontal, end suction, centrifugal, radially split volute casing pump
  • Horizontal, radially split, ring section, multi-stage pump with radial impellers
  • Single or multi-stage ring-section centrifugal pump
  • Water Pressure Boosting Systems
  • Mini monobloc pumpsets in compact design
  • Vertical, radially split, multi-stage ring section pump
  • Valves – Globe Valves / Check Valves / Butterfly Valves / Gate Valves

With Poduvalsons, the motto always is “Wherever our customers are, we're there to help them”. For any process cycle to satisfy all applicable criteria at once, all of its components must work together smoothly. KSB along with Poduvalsons has always gone beyond the engineering of state-of-the-art pump and valve technology, striving to provide an airtight array of service around pumps and valves. Poduvalsons and KSB stands by their customers all along, through the entire implementation phase of a project and also provides continuous after-sales service solutions.