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Water covers over 70 percent of the earth’s surface. Pentair has the innovative solutions to do something with it. Pentair is a leading provider of water solutions addressing the world’s water scarcity issues and delivering quality drinking water to homes, businesses and communities. With the broadest offering of water pumps, filters, systems and solutions, Pentair helps each step of the water process. Whether it is water from the ground, ocean, lake or rainwater collection, Pentair has products and systems to ensure that water is moved and treated to where we need it most.

The various applications of Pentair include:

  1. Residential: Pentair is committed to helping you make your house a home with the broadest offering of water systems for many of your required residential systems. Pentair water solutions work behind-the-scenes to deliver the water pressure, quality and efficiency you need: from water treatment products that condition and filter your water to energy-efficient systems that ensure your water pressure is just right. And when too much water is a concern, our flood protection equipment is ready to ensure your basement remains dry. Pentair is also a leading provider of pool and spa equipment enabling you to save on your energy bill while protecting your investment.
  2. Commercial: Pentair water solutions are found throughout commercial office buildings around the world. Pentair filtration products and systems ensure the availability of clean water, and Pentair water pumps provide the necessary pressure for fire protection and HVAC circulator equipment. Pentair also delivers sustainable water solutions that allow for reuse of water throughout a facility.
  3. Hospitality: Pentair water solutions can be found in hotels, resorts, restaurants and other commercial settings around the world. Operators depend on Pentair products and systems to provide their guests with high quality drinking water, fire protection and pool and spa fun and they can trust that Pentair delivers all these solutions with the environment and energy savings in mind.
  4. Municipal: With over 100 years as a leader in municipal water markets, Pentair pumps and systems are a trusted partner to cities and treatment facilities around the world. Pentair technologies and solutions are there to help solve critical problems facing infrastructure and municipal markets.
  5. Industrial: Pentair water and separations technologies enhance and improve processes throughout many industrial facilities around the world. With Pentair, facilities get the pumping technology needed to drive performance. Pentair filtration and separations products and systems remove unwanted fluids and particulates from critical processes such as oil and gas refining or other industrial applications, and are often found improving desalination processes and systems.
  6. Agriculture: Pentair water solutions improve efficiency and productivity of farms around the world. Pentair offers a wide range of water solutions from water well and crop management pumps, to spray nozzles, tanks, crop and drip irrigation systems all delivering clean, safe water for drinking or other applications.
  7. Speciality: With an extensive offering of specialty pumps and filters, Pentair is a leading supplier to the marine, RV, fire and many other commercial and industrial markets. From bilge pumps that protect your watercraft to specialized foam and water products that advance fire protection, Pentair innovation is leading the way.

Pentair offers in its product range agricultural pumps, domestic pumps, drainage and water treatment solutions, filtration process, pool and spa, industrial pumps, hot water and recirculation pumps, submersible sewage and gutter pumps to name a few.

Pentair is the parent company to the following market leaders in pumping solutions:

  1. Nocchi who designs and manufactures water pumps, HVAC pumps and booster sets for fire fighting systems to be used in commercial, industrial and residential settings.
  2. Delta Environmental offers onsite decentralized wastewater treatment products that are the simplest and one of the most effective on the market. They can be used with a broad spectrum of applications ranging from single and multi-family residences to commercial applications.
  3. Everpure is a worldwide leader in quality, reliability and innovation in water filtration for your home and business.
  4. Flotec is a leading provider of water systems products that solve residential water management needs. It offers a wide range of products from sump pumps to complete water systems and accessories.
  5. Hydromatic offers one of the most diversified lines of wastewater pump systems in the industry for a variety of markets. With submersible sump, sewage, effluent, grinder pumps, solids handling pumps and self primers, you can trust Hydromatic to deliver superior quality and responsive service.
  6. Pentair Pool Products® is a global innovating leader in swimming pool, spa and aquatic equipment. From the smallest backyard pool to the largest water environments, Pentair provides high performance, reliable and energy-efficient products that pool owners and operators can depend on to make their pools more inviting, easier to maintain, and extraordinary.
  7. Wellmate is a leading provider of composite pressure tank design offering innovative solutions for water storage and pressure boosting applications.
  8. Hypro is an industry leader in pump and spray technology offering a complete line of pumps, spray tips, accessories and spraying components. Hypro delivers quality products, superior service and innovative solutions to the agricultural, turf, pest control, car wash and high-pressure markets.
  9. Berkeley leads the way with one of the most comprehensive product lines available in the industry with water solutions offering versatility, dependability, performance and service. Berkeley pumps are the solution to the growing number of demanding applications found in the water treatment and supply, pressure boosting, agricultural and turf irrigation, water features and OEM markets.
  10. SHURflo offers small, high performance pumps and fluid handling equipment, systems and accessories for the Recreational Vehicle, Marine, Industrial and Floor Care industries. SHURflo takes pride in implementing new technologies and the latest innovations to deliver products that achieve maximum performance.

Pentair is also the parent company to other leading brands for pumping and water solutions like Jung Pumpen GmbH, Acu-Trol Inc, Krystal Klear and Jieming.