Unitised Substations

Unitised Substation (USS) is used for feeding power from high voltage to low voltage in open cast mines, construction sites, metro cities etc. The substation is compact in size occupying only 1/4th of the space required for open installations. The substation is installed and mounted on skid frame or wheels or channels and is provided with lifting hooks.

Poduval are a leading Unitised Substation Supplier in Kerala. The unitised substations from Poduval:

• Provide high performance
• Are made from high quality raw materials
• Are durable and reliable
• Are available at highly competitive prices

With a range varying from 315 KVA -2000MVA, the unitised substation comprises of a single factory built substation package having Transformer, HT & LT controls all housed in a single enclosure. Both indoor and outdoor versions are available with safety features and mandatory requirements. As mentioned before, we are a Solutions Provider!!

The main features of the substations include:

  • A free standing metal enclosure fabricated out of high quality sheet steel mounted on rigid base frame and painted with first coating of epoxy and then powder coated with a suitable colour, to withstand any weather conditions
  • A resin cast, dry type, naturally air cooled, step down Transformer of rated capacity copper double wound having delta primary and star secondary with neutral brought out and having no load voltage ratio of 11kv/433v, type tested at CPRI. The CRT will be provided with tap links on HV winding to vary the voltage by +/-5%
  • Scanner type winding temperature indicator with 3 nos. RTD to measure/protect the winding against the set temperature
  • Suitable rated Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) / SF6 Circuit Breaker Load Break/ RMU/ Switch with interlocked Earth switch/ Shunt trip coil & Aux. Contacts
  • Main HT fuses in case of LBS
  • Potential Transformer
  • Current Transformers
  • Voltmeter with selector switch
  • Space heater with thermostat
  • An optional TOD meter
  • O/C & E/F relay (in case of VCB)
  • LT ACB of suitable rating with built in overload and short circuit and shunt trip coil
  • LT MCCBs/ Switch Fuse units of suitable rating for feeder controls
  • Ammeter with selector switch
  • Indicating lamps