AC Motors

Kirloskar Electric was the first company in India to manufacture AC Motors way back in 1948. Today, its product range in capacity and variety caters to multitude applications. AC Motors are available as High Voltage (HV) Motors and Low Voltage (LV) Motors.

The wide industrial range is from 0.12 to 20000 KW in frames 63 to 1250. Motors are offered in open type, closed type and heat exchanger type enclosures. Voltages range from 340 to 13800V. Class F insulation being standard for all motors, class H insulation is also offered for low voltage motors.

The rugged and highly reliable higher range motors are specifically designed for exacting duties. The modular design totally enclosed air to air heat exchanger is the first choice of industry for the more arduous applications. Compact rib cooled motors with unique internal cooling are used for duty atmospheres.

The Special motors list includes Roller Table motor, Mud Gun motor, Bell Annealing Furnace motor for steel mill applications. When India faced sanctions on supply for equipment for Nuclear Power Plants, KEC developed special Canned Pump Motors. Motors like explosion proof, increase safety and non-sparking ones used extensively in hazardous areas like coalmines, oil mines and petrochemical industries are available in a wide range. Specially designed adjustable speed drive motors in large numbers are working in various steel plants and other industries.