Kirloskar Electric Company Limited (KEC)


Kirloskar Electric Company Limited is one of the largest Engineering and Manufacturing companies in India. Established in 1946, Kirloskar Electric ushered the Indigenous Electrical Manufacturing Industry in India. In fact, Kirloskar Electric Company is the first company to make Electric Motors in India.

Kirloskar Electric caters to core sectors of the economy like Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Industrial Power, Transportation, Renewable Energy, etc. Kirloskar Electric Designs, Manufactures, Markets and Services Rotating machines, dedicated to control of the Motive force for operation of Industrial machinery, Power Generation and control equipment for T&D Industry. Kirloskar has always been known for creating unique solutions for any kind of customized applications relating to Industrial Power and Electrical Control Equipment.

Its full range of High and Medium voltage Transformers are designed to transport and distribute electricity from the power plant to the end user.

KEC also offers process industries, customized packages in terms of motors and VFDs which results in higher productivity, energy saving and greatly reduced down time.