PODUVALSONS offers the complete range of transformer solutions from Kirloskar Electric Company (KEC).  The KEC solution along with Poduvalson’s proven expertise in technology and innovation to successfully decipher the changing requirements of the industry has helped to churn out technologically superior solutions to customers.

Poduvalsons have built trust-worthy relationships with our customers, helping them at each stage of their projects for technical and service advices on transformer solutions. Thereby, ensuring the optimum solutions will be provided at the right time and at the right place to our customers. As mentioned before, we are a Solutions Provider!!

A proven design, compact in size and low maintenance cost typify Kirloskar Transformers in the market. Transformers are available as Cast Resin Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Power Transformers, Special Transformers. Kirloskar Electric started manufacturing both distribution and power transformers from the year 1954. KEC was the first company in India to acquire ISO 9000 certification in transformer manufacturing. Today, the KEC transformers are used in the industrial applications such as Industry, Projects, Furnaces, Mines, and, utilities such as Lighting High Rise Buildings, Hostels, Colleges.