Transformers are available as Cast Resin Transformers, Distribution Transformers, Power Transformers, Special Transformers.

A proven design , compact in size and low maintenance cost typify Kirloskar Transformers in the market. Kirloskar Electric started manufacturing both distribution and power transformers from the year 1954. KEC was the first company in India to acquire ISO 9000 certification in transformer manufacturing. The transformers Division at Mysore manufactures a wide range of distribution and power transformers, supplemented by flame proof, dry type, furnace, earthing transformers, series resonant reactors for sub-stations up to 50 MVA and 220 kV class form the impressive range conforming to National and International standards like BS, ICC, ANSI, AS etc.

Today, the KEC transformers are used in the industrial applications such as Industry, Projects, Furnaces, Mines, and, utilities such as Lighting High Rise Buildings, Hostels, Colleges.