ACO Systems


ACO is internationally synonymous for surface drainage systems oringinating from Northern Europe. ACO products are found in countless places around the world – at traffic intersections, airports and shopping centers. They are also a company with intelligent solutions for civil engineering and construction, building services and environmental technology, landscaping and sports grounds, as well as agricultural buildings.

They develop, produce and market products for the civil engineering, building construction and building services sectors. In addition, ACO companies also service attractive niche markets such as track and field construction, agricultural construction, iron casting, special stainless steel construction, and animal husbandry construction modules.

ACO’s original core business has expanded and developed into a broad mutually-complementary product spectrum which enables them to optimally fulfil their mission: protect, design and drain.

PEC brings to Kerala the very best drainage, channels and separator solutions from ACO Systems. PEC along with ACO offers in its product range:

• External Drainage
• Building Drainage
• Roof Drainage
• Access and Manhole Covers
• ACO Pipe
• Seperator Technology
• Cellar Drainage / Back-flow Preventers
• Water Purification

Shower Channels, Drains, Grease Separators, SS Channels and Extra Drains from ACO fall under the above mentioned product range and are supplied by PEC in Kerala. PEC’s and ACO’s proven expertise in technology and innovation has enabled them to successfully decipher the changing requirements of the industry and churn out technologically superior solutions from time to time. As mentioned before, we are a Solutions Provider!!