PODUVALSONS offers the complete range of KBL’s Induction Motors. KBL has a proven track record in the design and manufacture of induction motors.

PODUVALSONS along with KBL is the supplier of choice to core sectors like Machine Tools, Blowers and Fans, Air-Conditioners, Compressors, Material Handling Equipment, Cranes and Hoist, Textile Machinery, Cement Plant, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Construction Equipment, General Engineering Applications and wide range of Applications.

With significant investments in manufacturing facilities, technology and innovation, KBL promises a lasting relationship with all its customers. Driven by excellence of PODUVALSONS and KBL, this partnership enjoys a significant presence in South India for their services as a leading engineering solutions provider.

PODUVALSON gives you both the DYNA range and INDUS range of KBL induction motors.

DYNA Specifications:
220 Volts ±10%
50 Hz ±3%
Totally enclosed fan cooled
IP – 44
‘B’ class insulation
S1 duty
Rating: 0.5 HP to 2.0 HP (2 Pole and 4 Pole ) (CSIR and CSCR)
Foot mounted

INDUS Specifications:
Performance : As per IS 325 and IS 12615
Frame : 80 – 225
Output : 0.55 to 45 kW
Voltage : 415 ± 10%
Frequency : 50Hz ± 5%
Combine Variation : ±10%
Insulation : Class ‘F’ with ‘B’ class temperature
Rating / Duty : Continuous / S1
Mounting : Foot and flange mounting
Ambient / Temperature Rise : 5O °C
Enclosure : TEFC
Degree Of Protection : IP55
Altitude : Up to 1000m above sea level
Direction Of Rotation : Bi direction